Mission, Vision and Values

Our mission is to make peopleís day better by
providing food thatís fun, tasty and made to the highest standards
by people who enjoy what they do.

Vision Statement

  • People will think of Crispy Pop Kettle Corn when they think of the best kettle corn theyíve ever had.
  • Our kettle corn will help organizations raise funds for worthy causes, thereby providing a positive contribution to our community
  • We will have a core following of customers who appreciate what we do and tell their friends and family, allowing us to grow organically through their good words.

Values Statement

  • We will operate with honesty, respect and integrity in all of our dealings.
  • We will build an organization that balances the growth and financial wellbeing of the company with that of its employees.
  • The way we interact with our customers is just as important as the products we sell to them. We will endeavor to make each customerís day a bit better.
  • We will bring a high degree of professionalism to everything we do.
  • We will produce a consistently high-quality product that customers can depend on; if a batch isnít quite right, we will throw it away rather than sell it.
  • We will optimize our production and service delivery processes, which will enable us to keep our prices competitive while offering a superior product.
  • As we work to balance short- and long-term priorities, we will place an emphasis on doing whatís right for the long term.
  • We will build a culture that supports and appreciates the contributions and ideas of our employees, where they feel safe to offer contrary opinions and suggest better ways to do things.
  • We will use care in the selection of our products and services, and avoid doing things that make the world worse off.
  • We will use natural, high-quality ingredients.
  • Life is too short to not have fun together at work. We will create an environment that is fun.
  • We will hire carefully, and work hard to keep the people who are part of our team. We will do what we can to support their personal/professional growth.

Mumbi selling kettle corn