Kettle corn is more than just a food. It brings out the child in adults. It brings back memories of carnivals when we were kids, and popcorn with our parents at the movies. You canít help but smile when you hug a warm bag of kettle corn.

More Than Just Kettle Corn

What is Kettle Corn?

Kettle corn consists of four ingredients: corn, sugar, oil and salt. By adding the sugar halfway through the popping process, it produces a very thin, crispy coating that gives the kettle corn its signature appeal, making it hard to put down once you start eating it.

What else is Kettle Corn?

  • We enable parents of small children to come buy fruit and vegetables in the farmersí market by enticing their young ones with a bag of hot, wonderful kettle corn.
  • The alluring smell of freshly popped corn makes people just feel better about their day.
  • The battery of mini explosions taking place in the kettle always attracts a crowd, and creates a festive atmosphere wherever we sell.
  • For many, kettle corn brings back memories of family. Itís a fun product that makes people smile. (Thatís why we love selling it!)
  • And for the organizations that support themselves using our kettle corn as a fundraising tool, kettle corn is a vital means for them to meet their goals.

What other products do we sell?

In addition to the kettle corn, we sell a variety of other products, including caramel corn, chocolate drizzles, cinnamon corn, cheddar cheese corn and gift tins.

We are constantly experimenting with new flavors. Our Flavor of the Week is a big hit, creating reasons for many to come to our store, to see what new concoction Zach has put together.

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