Each of our markets started small, and has grown steadily through word-of-mouth, our generous distribution of samples, and the powerful way the smell of the corn brings customers to our locations.

Our Story

A local family-owned company

Company Background

Kettle corn has been a fun staple in the Catlett family since we moved to the Bay Area 13 years ago. And it has been a family tradition to visit our local farmersí market to buy fruit and vegetables from the local farmers. Like most families, a visit to the market also means kettle corn for the kids. On one particular weekend three years ago, Marcus and his wife Ruth were waiting in a long kettle corn line, wondering how they might assist a family member who was looking for a job. And it occurred to them: kettle corn!

Trial by Fire

With the wind blowing and the kettle smoking, the first day was an experience. But Marcusís background in business (MBA from UC Berkeley) and continuous improvement in the production process led to a really fine product that very quickly began to attract a following. Consistent processes lead to a consistent result, and it wasnít long before people began to tell us that our kettle corn was the best they had ever tasted!

Rapid Growth

But buying fruit and vegetables (and kettle corn!) is not the only reason why people come to a farmersí market. Many come to connect with their local community. We believe that how we interact with our customers is every bit as important as the products we sell. At the end of the farmersí market season last year, we sensed the sadness many people felt that their market was disappearing for the winter and they would no longer be able to get their kettle corn. This led to the decision to set up a permanent presence in the Somersville Towne Center in Antioch. Our mall store has allowed us to experiment with different flavors, and our store chef, Zach, has developed a real following!

Using the store as a base of operations, we sell in a variety of farmersí markets across the San Francisco Bay Area, as well as fairs, festivals and sporting events. Our recent investment in equipment, and the opening of our new mall location in Antioch, lay the foundation for significant growth over the next year.

An especially exciting recent development is the opening of a fundraising branch to assist organizations in raising money for their causes.

Mumbi selling kettle corn


Mumbi selling kettle corn