We offer you a fun and lucrative way to raise money for your organization. On any given day, not everyone needs their car washed. And thereís a limit to the number of cookies people will buy. But everyone loves kettle corn. A little bit sweet; a little bit salty. Many of your supporters will buy multiple bags.

Take the Pain out of Fundraising

60% of the sale price goes to support your organization!*

Approximately $100 to you for every 17 bags sold*

As schools and community organizations struggle to find cash to fund their clubs and sports programs, organizers must find new ways to fulfill the needs of their members. Kettle corn is easy to sell, and has very high margins.

We help bring cash to worthy causes

Whether youíre organizing an educational event for your high school or soliciting funds to support your team or club, Crispy Pop can make it possible for you to achieve your goals. Since your organizationís members will do most of the work, they will reap most of the benefits.

Low Risk and Easy to Manage

Our goal is to empower you to raise money for your members by offering a low-risk, easy-to-manage fundraising system. Not only will you benefit financially, but your kids will gain skills and confidence as they set clear objectives for themselves and work toward their goals.

In so doing, we can all win, while supporting our local community.

* Ranges from 40% to 60%, depending on sales volume."

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