Fundraising with Kettle Corn: How it Works

Door to Door Sales

Storefront Blitz

  • Team members use forms to sign up friends and family.
  • Two week sales period. Delivery in the third week.
  • Payments are collected by your team members up front.
  • At the end of the period, orders are combined into one big order and sent to Crispy Pop with payment.
  • We prepare and deliver your order and team members distribute to your supporters.
  • You pay only 40% of the end price that you charge (assuming certain thresholds are met).
  • After obtaining advanced permission, one or two team members set up outside grocery stores, local events and other high-traffic areas with a table, hand made sign, change box, brochures and samples.
  • The sign describes the nature of your fundraiser, and should be hand drawn and colorful.
  • Crispy Pop will provide the brochures and kettle corn. Depending on the size of the order, payment for the kettle corn is made within a week of delivery.
  • Depending on the location, you can expect sales of between 30 and 50 bags per location per day. We recommend between 5 and 10 locations in a one-week blitz.
  • Requires a minimum order of 300 bags.

Crispy Pop will provide:

  • Steep discounts off of the retail price
  • Up-front consultation on how to organize your fundraiser, with estimates of how much each person should sell to meet your goal
  • Forms and brochures members will use when they approach your supporters
  • Free product delivery to one location with minimum order of $1000

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